5 Cannabis Brands Taking Over The California Market

It’s all about the brands baby. The California market has been evolving rapidly since legalization. With things heating up, we’ve been seeing a lot of new brands enter the market and gain a lot of traction in a short amount of time. We’re here to share with you 5 brands in the market that we expect to see continued growth from in the upcoming year.

1. Moxie 710

Moxie has been around in the California market for quite some time now. They were one of the first manufacturers to brand themselves to differentiate when the market was still young. Their administrative team has had their eyes on the prize and did an amazing job pre-positioning themselves as a leader in the California cannabis market. Moxie’s mission is to provide clean and quality extracts, advancing research and taking the consistency of products to the next level. Moxie extracts was also winner of the “brand of the year” award in the first inaugural California Cannabis Awards, hosted by WebJoint.


2. Canndescent

Canndescent is a brand that is slowly becoming a household name in the cannabis market. They are one of the first licensed cannabis cultivators to create their own brand of flower products (pre-packed flower and pre-rolls). If you’ve seen them around then I’m sure their branding has left a mark. With 5 different effects: calm, cruise, create, connect and charge. Their product offering is perfect for new consumers and the connoisseur to enjoy and love.


3. Stiiizy

Stiiizy is doing some amazing things in the California cannabis market. They currently are one of the most popular vape pod companies out there now. Similar to the Juul, the Stiiizy is a pod based vape that has been taking the California market by storm. Their premium concentrates uphold a high level of potency and purity. You can tell their brand is taking off by the amount of love they get on social media. Aside from their vape pods they also offer premium distillate and pre-rolls.

4. Dosist

Dosist is a brand established in 2016 that had one goal in mind “proper dosing”. As dosing has been always been hard to measure in cannabis products, Dosist has created a disposable vape cartridge that is perfect for the consumer that wants to understand how much THC they are consuming. Dosist currently has six formulas: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse and passion. Each formula is created with a specific experience in mind. When it comes to educating the consumer and helping them understand how to have a proper experience, Dosist does a great job at solving that problem.

5. Kurvana

Kurvana has to be one of the classiest and beautiful brands coming up in the California cannabis market. Established in 2014 Kurvana and their team of Ph.D scientists and engineers have created some of the purest and highest quality vape extracts available. You can find their product in a wide array of retail dispensaries in California. They currently have three main products: ASCND, KPEN and pureCBD. Definitely be sure to do your research and keep a lookout for their products on the shelf of your favorite dispensary.

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