United States Certified Marijuana Software & POS

The United States is beginning to see various states take marijuana very seriously. These states include California, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, Nevada and many others. As dispensaries and cannabis cultivation becomes a booming business for many, states are beginning to track marijuana from “seed-to-sale”. In order for a dispensary or cultivator to do this properly they need a marijuana software provider.

Typically in the United States software such as WebJoint helps dispensaries, delivery services, cultivators and manufacturers track their entire operation. The WebJoint software includes management features for inventory, facilities, plants, patients/users, POS, website, online orders, and more. Along with premium marijuana patient loyalty and referral programs. The WebJoint white-label solution makes WebJoint a lead software choice in the cannabis industry.

Now USA dispensaries and delivery services can have a compliant software that track their operation for state compliance and reporting. The best part is that WebJoint is the only dispensary software that allows the business owner to white-label their own .com website that works with their inventory.

Only 46% Of Dispensaries/Cultivators Utilize Marijuana Software

According to various reports there are currently only a small number of licensed dispensaries and cultivators utilizing software to their fullest advantage, if at all. The large gap is an example of how much growth and productivity you may be potentially missing out on. Automatically tracking your inventory, facilities, and patients is one thing. But utilizing your own front end website for registration and online ordering is another.

In the United States alone there are a wide-array of software companies providing a viable solution to these issues. Find a solution to track and trace your marijuana operations and maintain reporting and compliance within your state within the USA.

USA Cannabis Software Use

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