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The medical marijuana market in Canada is becoming a huge deal. There are many new dispensaries, deliveries and cultivators popping up in various municipalities in Canada. Currently the laws and legislation in Canada don’t require seed to sale tracking or required marijuana software to track sales history, patients or operations. However this does not mean that Canada isn’t soon to add regulations for seed to sale tracking.

It is important to utilize a good marijuana point of sale software such as WebJoint. The marijuana software is currently compliant and has functioning tools that support the operating stance of Canada. WebJoint currently operates a few Canadian marijuana websites for various dispensaries in this country. This allows these Canadian dispensaries and delivery services to manage their inventory, patients, online ordering and much more.

With a white-label .com website Canadian dispensaries are finding use from the WebJoint platform. Canadian marijuana patients have been placing orders on these websites for instant dispatching or in store pickup.

Only 14% Of Canadian Marijuana Retail Utilize Cannabis POS

If you run a marijuana dispensary in Canada or looking into starting one then choosing a proper marijuana software is important. According to our reports and research there are only about 14% of companies utilizing a marijuana software in Canada. As regulations may not be as strict being prepared for upcoming changes in legislation should include utilizing a marijuana software for day to day activities and reporting.

Those who have chose WebJoint as their cannabis software provider have included features that have benefitted Canada marijuana operations such as:

  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Tracking
  • Cannabis Cultivation Tracking
  • Marijuana Delivery Features
  • White-Label white solution
  • Loyalty program
  • And much more…

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