California Certified Cannabis Software

The state of California is currently home of the biggest market for medical marijuana. There are reportedly over 6,000 dispensaries and delivery services across California alone. Although the legislation in California is young. Local governments are working on establishing more stable laws to allow actual licensing for dispensaries and cultivators.

AB 266 is a proposition passed by the state of California that stated it will require all licensee’s in 2018 to use a certified seed to sale software. WebJoint is a cannabis software based in the heart of West Los Angeles and has developed a compliant cannabis software for the state of California as well as many others. WebJoint currently has a majority of their clients in the California market and continue to establish new features and tools.

Dispensary software in WebJoint allows California dispensaries to track their inventory, patients, sales history, cultivation operation and much more. Sites such as Flora California and Artemis Brand are perfect examples of California dispensary websites build on the platform.

Only 36% Of California Marijuana Businesses Utilize Software

According to our reports and research there are currently only 36% of dispensaries, delivery services, and cultivators utilizing proper software in the state of California. This is crucial as California is currently regulating their market and mandating new regulations. In order to maintain compliance in the state of California it will be important to utilize a software such as WebJoint for your operation.

With the huge gap of business not utilizing a marijuana CRM and traceability platform there is a chance to get ahead of the game. Pre-position your operation and business, utilize compliant software and get ready for state reporting. Keep record of all inventory, sales history and employees to save time and money. The sooner you get trained on the use of California cannabis software the easier the transition will be once this is required in the state.

Software Use in California

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