Top 3 Cannabis Point of Sale Providers – Main Competitors

Cannabis software seed to sale dispensary management is a crucial concept in the marijuana sector due to the radical changes happening making it difficult to manage processes manually. In addition, businesses are stressed with compliance due to newly enacted regulations such as the Proposition 64 and AB 266. The companies offering software solutions to marijuana growers, retailers and dispensaries are assisting the marijuana sector businesses grow. This article discusses the top 3 cannabis point of sale providers in the marijuana industry.


Dell’Olio founded WebJoint in 2014 to provide compliance-ready solutions and deliver quick, SEO websites that boost productivity and foster business growth via attaining online exposure. WebJoint specializes in offering an eCommerce platform precisely for the marijuana and technology industry. The platform also offers tools to enable smooth and relatively cheap business management.

The services align with the requirements of the California’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, especially “Track and Trace” necessity. The necessity requires all therapeutic cannabis and health marijuana products be tracked and traced throughout their product life cycle (seed to sale). At its core, the WebJoint system is now designed to comply with the Act. Its new cultivation software will additionally help tack facilities, plants, assets, rooms, packages, and provide cultivators with crucial information on the past, present and future grows.

The WebJoint services include:

  • Website Builder enabling marijuana businesses to build their own commercial websites with all the features and tools. Some of the features include adding logo, social networks plugins, first-time patient discounts and offers, contact information, categories, reviews, operating hours, and a blog.
  • Online store enabling marijuana businesses add their menu products on the website. Patients visiting their websites will be able to sign up, be proved and place orders and check out with cash or credit card payment options.
  • Point of sale (POS) system to help track the inventory when a patient places an order. POS also offers order history and enables immediate print of receipts.
  • Patient verification through their web-based collective databases and sending reminders through text messages and email to patients.
  • Inventory management where WebJoint’s inventory manager enables cannabis businesses to make a menu that displays their POS.
  • Delivery management to track delivered orders or add delivery fee payment feature.
  • Staff management where the system helps process payrolls, manage working hours and work on taxes.
  • Customers and loyalty where WebJoint enables cannabis businesses attract and retain customers by helping them maintain every customer profile, send coupons, emails and more. Patients may also earn digital loyalty points for each visit to the website.
  • Analysis and reports where WebJoint runs all it processes back-end, offering cannabis businesses periodical reports of orders placed and other processes when needed.

Upon using WebJoint, cannabis dispensaries will be able to process trustworthy state-compliant reports. Unlike its competitors, WebJoint cannabis POS software will offer free highly efficient services to businesses. The system also helps prevent the distribution process from interference from illegal dealers and other drug cartels because it has no loopholes. Moreover, grownups of ages 21 and above can get the WebJoint point on sale system for a once-a-month subscription.


The Denver Company has a seed to sale tracking system used by many of cannabis businesses to comply with state regulations. Cannabis dispensaries have the software as a major tool to ring up transactions to patients, track and trace inventory, prepared needed reports for state regulators, plus other business tasks.

MJFreeway is a leading vendor but has recently had a huge security attack, which has left many dispensaries scrambling. The company continues to suffer the impact of a cyber attack that occurred on January 8 that greatly affected a big swath in the cannabis industry. MJFreeway’s main servers and backup systems went down all remaining offline. Approximately, 1,000 dispensaries plus recreational pot shops depended on the utilization of its business management system to process and maintain sales transactions, inventory track, align with different state laws plus other tasks. After the attack news broke out, their website remained dysfunctional.

Even though its marketing director stated the company only saw a few loss of clients, most of the customers were much upset. The cyber attack on its transactions and inventory system led to patients delaying their appointments. The staff in different dispensaries had to perform particular sales functions manually. MJFreeway connects to different systems such as the many state systems. Therefore, all systems depending on the company were affected across the cannabis industry.

Through the hack, dispensaries cannot record sales to clients especially in states with a legal edge on how much a client can take if they cannot connect the transaction to the appropriate customer, there is no means to trace how much that client is purchasing over a certain period. As a result, patients suffer legal ramifications where they are not safe and on the wrong side of the law. The dispensaries could receive inventory because of the seed to sale aspect of the cannabis industry. This is a huge problem because all cannabis products remain where they are until the system functions again. Therefore, with such issues arising from such a company, it is important for dispensaries and patients to look for better solutions elsewhere in the market.


BioTrack is another industry leader, but they have not been as innovative as newer companies. This cannabis compliance software allows government agencies at both the local and state level track and trace production, moving, damage and sales of lawful marijuana. Legal cannabis companies use the commercial software as a business avenue, which supports them staying fully compliant when tracing all tasks of their daily operations. The software also helps in reporting capabilities and assist governments when enforcing regulations, curbing unlawful marijuana diversion and inversion, and collecting taxes. Even though BioTrack emerged from the health software sector, the technology was initially created as a treatment drug and methamphetamine herald tracking system to help law enforcement agencies and state government in upholding public safety and curbing drug diversion. However, the software has not been able to keep up with more innovative and updated systems such as WebJoint system. Although the company provides some similar services as WebJoint, WebJoint POS subscribers get solutions that are more superior.

Due to the Proposition 64, there is the necessity to track cannabis use from the producer to the selling point and finally to the user. The concept of seed-to-sale can only become effective when the cannabis point of sales providers understand traceability. Traceability is an important aspect in the cannabis industry because it helps recall marijuana plants and products considered as adulterated or unsafe. It also helps curb adulterated materials from getting into the regulated markets, as well as stop regulated products from getting into the black market. Moreover, traceability permit regulating organizations to track marijuana plants and items to the source and to the client and prevents marijuana from reaching people for whom it is not projected.

Sign up today at the WebJoint to enjoy the features of the all-in-one software that enables marijuana business dealers to manage their inventory, finances, patients, staff, and website. States can also find out more on how they can keep tab on cannabis businesses and its users using the WebJoint software.

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