Software Company Becoming The WordPress of Weed is software that assists cannabis business owners in managing finances, patients, inventory, employees, and website. The tool made available by WebJoint help clients increase the productivity of their business and fosters business growth through gaining exposure online.

In today’s e-commerce world, it is necessary to have a website, blog, or e-commerce site that increases your exposure and provides tools to make business management easier and less costly. This is what WebJoint provides to business owners specifically dealing with medical marijuana as stipulated by the law.

Regardless of startups or established businesses, what WebJoint provides makes it the new WordPress in the website world. There are a majority of sites online that are powered by WordPress. With WebJoint, the specialty is providing an eCommerce site specifically for cannabis and tech industry. Naturally, this announcement provides an avenue for upcoming medical marijuana administrators to manage the online business.

Seed to Sale Solution

With a dependable fast and friendly service, the platform will ensure management of dispensaries as well as operation cultivation in the seed to sale cannabis initiative. This solution enables smooth running of dispensaries with a white label solution. In addition, cultivation operations can be management in order to ensure a constant supply of the product.

As such, clients who are approved for medical marijuana can log in to a WebJoint managed cannabis site to get their order. Furthermore, the sites ensure that clients are aware of the marijuana law in California. Therefore, those who will have their websites have to check on doctor approval for their clients’ marijuana use.

WebJoint Premium clients

By becoming a premium, a client can start up their website to manage their online cannabis business. With the site up and running, the owner of the site has various rewards that are mentioned above. Furthermore, the platform is well established. Therefore, it will help cannabis business owners to gain quick popularity and new cannabis clients.

In addition, web designers and web firms are free to use the platform to create new themes and designs that could be resold by a cannabis business that is interested in using the new WordPress in the world of cannabis. Using technology writing, web firms can create solutions for start-ups cannabis businesses and established online cannabis business.

Once these themes are created, they are sold to clients who wish to use WebJoint as a platform to run their dispensary.

For patients, all they need is to follow the procedure when using an online cannabis site built on WebJoint.

  • Get an approval letter from the doctor to use the services of any dispensary on WebJoint.
  • Browse sites menu to find what type of cannabis they need to buy. They can choose from baked products to rolls that are smoked directly.
  • Make an order and get a confirmation by email.
  • The patient can then get to enjoy the services of an online cannabis business from the comfort of their home.
  • The main advantage is that a client gets to track their delivery in real time after making an order.

Therefore, with this platform, dispensaries can have an easy time marketing their products using the WebJoint platform. Additionally, their conversion sales and profits will grow. This translates to business growth.

WebJoint is a platform that specializes in one type of service. Providing leverage to cannabis dispensaries. The marijuana laws have been confusing to most of the people who require medical marijuana but have problems finding the product.

Marijuana has been known to provide solutions to various ailments; as such, medical marijuana has been made legal for medicinal purposes. Considering that, the said patients are suffering and may not have the strength to keep moving from one dispensary to the next; WebJoint is providing a unique solution.

All clients need to do is get this solution to manage their dispensary. Once a client is a premium member, they are free to create their site for free using the WebJoint platform. The platform includes contact information as well as what customers can get when they enlist the service. The platform will make it easy for all those who are ready to venture into eCommerce and grow their business online.

In addition, the seed to sale solution ensures that dispensaries are in communication with the original suppliers. Those who cultivate the drug and used to contact various cannabis dealing dispensaries can build Websites. With the producer, manufacturer, supplier, and retailer connected, the client is likely to have a memorable and eventful experience using WebJoint; the new word press.

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