Should Marijuana Supporters Vote For Trump?

The whole world is terrified at the though of Donald Trump succeeding in becoming the next President of the United States (POTUS). However, a group of people is silently hoping that he gets into power; these are the marijuana supporters. This group will not move to another country if Trump is the next POTUS, unlike many other people who swear to do so. Before your head ignites out of sheer confusion, it is important to find Trump’s current stance on marijuana.

In the 1990s, Trump was advocating for of drugs; nonetheless, he now advocates marijuana when used for medical purposes and mentions that the drug should be legalized based on decisions made by individual states. Therefore, it is likely that the drug will be legalized in most states but for medicinal purposes as opposed to recreational use.

Nonetheless, you do not have to put that lighter down and frown all the way to the ballot box with a die-hard Clinton supporter look. The candidate that provides the highest probability in ensuring marijuana to be legalized in the USA is Donald Trump. When Hillary Clinton was asked about her opinion on the issue, she was non-committal. She clarified later that even when used for medicinal purposes, it should only be used in extreme conditions. Therefore, all the marijuana lovers out there may have lost her vote as she mentioned that it should never be entertained for recreational use.

According to Trump, the only way that the war on drugs can be won is through legalization. This pro-marijuana stance can be a major boost for Trump in the coming American elections. In the 1990s, Trump mentioned that legalization of all drugs was the only way that America could manage taking away the profits that drug czars’ make. The tax revenues would then be used to educate the public about drugs and the danger in using them.
Donald Trump has raised many tirades against the issue of drug lords. That is among the reasons why he suggested a wall be build separating America from Mexico as they are taking Americans jobs; what he also meant was that drug lords come from that place, and if there are to be any drug lords in America, they should be citizens. Therefore, marijuana supporters can rest easy knowing that there are hopes to have that recreational time out without having to look behind their backs.

This tirade and stance have rather changed considering he changed careers from a businessperson to an aspiring political Frankenstein. However, despite the change in position and mentioned that medical marijuana is preferable to use of cannabis for recreational purposes, his position on the war on drugs is still the same and is no joke.

In a recent interview with ABC Trump mentioned that the US does a poor job of policing drugs. He did not mention what measure should be taken; however, he said that there should be “other alternatives” in policing drugs.

Considering that politicians are always changing their stand on various issues, it could be that the change in stance regarding marijuana was a move to garner key votes. Donald Trump may go back to the views held in the 90s if he clinches the presidency. Considering that the cannabis industry generates $40 billion annually in America that is not an amount a businessman like Trump would be willing to let slide. Most of what Trump has spoken about drugs and specifically marijuana show a great likelihood in legalizing the drug. Considering factors such as revenue accrued, it is certain that a businessperson such as Trump would fail to take advantage of an industry that could raise more money.

It is possible that Trump could be the biggest proponent in ensuring the legalization of marijuana in America’s history. Therefore, marijuana supporters should vote for Trump as the next POTUS to ensure they can light up their joint anytime they have the urge to feel good.

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