Open A Dispensary In Los Angeles Under Measure M

Entrepreneurs across in the US have been investing big dollars in the legal cannabis industry. But California, for a lot of investors, has not been a target because of the current laws keeping them from being able to legally compete. But as we all know, new opportunity continuously arises in this industry as we see new legalization. Currently, proposition D, passed in 2013 has kept anyone from “legally” opening up a dispensary within Los Angeles limits without proper licensing.

The problem is, there were 130+ prop D licenses issued in 2013. There are currently less than 100 of those operating in Los Angeles. Why have we seen a decrease? Because the rules and regulations of prop D made it virtually impossible for anybody to find a location that met the zoning requirements let alone the other endless requirements to obtain prop D compliance. So over the course of 3-4 years there has been a proposition in place that “didn’t really work” for medical patients, and now, recreational users. What we will see with measure M is a repeal and replacement of proposition D. Making these licenses that were potentially worth “millions” in 2013, are now… well, nothing.

However this has not been a surprise for everybody in the industry. Christopher Dell’Olio, CEO and co-founder of WebJoint cannabis software stated “We knew this was coming and we have been prepared”. Dell’Olio, a frequent speaker at 420 College training seminars, where he presents his software WebJoint and explains various topics such as seed-to-sale, software, web design and online marketing . He then added “the consultants and speakers here at 420 College have been hinting at the fact that the value of prop D licenses had a short shelf life”. It seems that the cannabis industry in Los Angeles is about to get a remodel, with new dispensaries, investors and while keeping it within a formalized license structure.

How To Open A Marijuana Business In Los Angeles or California

If you are looking to open a marijuana dispensary, cannabis delivery service or cultivation within the city of Los Angeles or anywhere else in California then now is the right time. If you don’t know where to begin your best bet would be to attend a business training seminar in a city near you. Our software partners at WebJoint are frequent speakers at 420 College business training seminars. Attending a business seminar will give you the knowledge and connections you need to successfully invest in the marijuana industry.

Get Your Marijuana Compliance Software

As Los Angeles and other cities in California prepare and position for official licensing, this means that your business will eventually be required to submit state reports under the California “track and trace” program. Although this program has not yet been established we look to see a formal solution in place sometime in 2018. California dispensaries, delivery services, distributers and cultivators have began utilizing the WebJoint marijuana seed to sale software platform to track their members, inventory, sales, plants and much more. In order to maintain compliance, WebJoint has been working with more than 100 marijuana businesses in California alone since 2014 and plan on to provide the proper compliance and website management software for California cannabis licensee’s.

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