New Michigan Marijuana Law Requires Seed-To-Sale Tracking

Tracking marijuana in the state of Michigan opens up doors for seed-to-sale software companies.

Marijuana legalization has been a bone of contention for a long period in many states. Michigan recently approved a Marijuana bill which will see adults aged 21 years and above; be permitted to cultivate it for commercial purposes, possess, and use Marijuana. The bill will still give the state authority to impose tax on commercial Marijuana operations nearly a decade after voters authorized it.

The bill has also permitted the legislature to require licensing of commercial marijuana facilities by establishing a Michigan Cannabis Control Board which was given the mandate to enforce and in administration for this act including its promulgation. The bill has also approved licensing, taxation and regulate the cultivation, processing, transport, testing of various forms of medical marijuana and use it in for a variety of ailments including cancer, AIDS, control of seizures and severe and chronic pains.

Michigan Legislature passed the package bill that will see it be licensed and in the regulation of medical cannabis dispensaries and other businesses. The bills consist of five clauses which in it addresses new protections for extracts and marijuana-based products such as edibles and tinctures that rely on extracts. Under Michigan Medical Marijuana program, patients can either choose to cultivate their own medical marijuana in an enclosed facility or choose their caregivers to cultivate for them though the caregiver is prevented from cultivating it for more than five patients.

Michigan states’ quintet bills package including House Bills 4209, 4210 and Senate Bills 141 and 1014 creates a licensing system for marijuana-touching businesses, including cultivators, processors, transporters, testing labs, and provision centers and dispensaries. Significantly, the measures will also formally legalize edibles, establish a seed-to-sale tracking system, and enact a two-year prison penalty for selling Medical Marijuana without a license consequently placing medical marijuana regulation under the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. Unfortunately, these new rules have not put into consideration the dispensaries barring them from locating within so-called “drug free zones” that Michigan State did put in place in the regulation of medical marijuana. Additionally, the measures allow medical marijuana stores to be a minimum of 1,000-foot buffers away from schools, churches, child centers, libraries, public housing projects, other dispensaries, and parks.

Under the new legislation, medical marijuana which is sold through licensed dispensaries would be tracked down from seed to sale. It will complement a push to formally allow and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries many of which for a long time have been operating legally since a Michigan Supreme Court ruling in 2013. This bill will ensure the state licenses large-scale marijuana growers, processors, transporters, provision centers and product safety testing facilities. Still, under the proposed system, marijuana transit to dispensaries would be charged an 8 percent tax. With marijuana, regulation is the way to go. The tracking marijuana bill is new in the ever-evolving medical marijuana dispensary plans that are paramount in order to maintain a clear chain of custody and in preventing its diversions. WebJoint is a Medical marijuana state law compliant company offering marijuana inventory marijuana tracking software in Michigan.

Why it’s required… and how it helps

Seed to sale marijuana software provides software solutions to cannabis retailers, growers, and medical dispensaries. Tracking medical marijuana can improve a patient’s safety as well as that of the product because it ensures that strains are properly identified, testing is completed and dosage is consistent. Consequently, medical marijuana tracking can benefit the public safety too and also help states avoid a lot of interference by the federal government since it may not have legalized it as a legal controlled substance. Additionally tracking systems can help much supply and demand for the substance, can be used to track caregivers, your business, helps protects patients and clients information.

There have been increased advancement in technology since the legalization of cannabis in many states. Michigan State has decided to go all technology with the seed to sell software which would provide the tools marijuana-related businesses need for tracking and cannabis compliance. Webjoint has come up with the most reliable and comprehensive software which is available to the marijuana industry. Webjoint marijuana software is compliant with the new Michigan State medical marijuana laws creating 100 percent accountability and transparency for all levels of your organization, business and through the government. Webjoint seed to sale software is a cannabis compliance platform to facilitate the cultivation, manufacturing, and point-of-sale processing.

WebJoint marijuana software allows you to pre-register your clients into your online collective database and for their automatic verification. Furthermore, webjoint will automatically inform your clients of their recommendation expiry via emails easing the work. Webjoint offers unique services through their medical marijuana software. It helps you track your orders by using the cannabis POS being advantageous in keeping track of your inventory and profit.

Additionally, webjoint allows you to add images, descriptions, pricing, and health information becoming an ultimate solution for delivery services. Webjoint also allows you to make easy traceability, gives you the ability for online receipts through mapping the client’s route, it takes care of taxes also help in your staff management by keeping track on hours worked.

WebJoint software is a service which is there to facilitate medical marijuana deliveries in line with the set laws. It allows cultivators track their marijuana produce, manage their facilities and staff. It ensures there is proper recording from the time of harvest to deliveries. WebJoint ensures that all parties involved in the medical marijuana activities maximize their efficiency saves time and money.

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