How to Verify a Medical Marijuana Patient Automatically

It is 2015 and the cannabis business is making waves bigger than ever, and as usual with a successful industry on the rise, technological advances follow.

You can either choose to grow with it and welcome the new, or stay stuck to your ways in the past. But stepping outside of your comfort zone is a part of life, and our revolutionary software is history in the making. Like our feature of verifying your patients instantly.

So as most of you know, patient verification used to be a tedious task in the cannabis industry. Your patients would have to call up with their rec information and give it to you manually over the phone, or you would tell them you’d send them a membership form. Once they got the form they would fill it out, and send it back to you. Then you have to receive it, check all of their information, validate it, and then get back to them (finally) to let them know they’ve been approved.

Not anymore!

Now with Webjoint, you can avoid all that hassle with the instant patient verification feature! All your patients have to do is go to your Webjoint powered site, click the “Patient Register” link on the top right of your page, and it will bring them to their membership agreement/form to fill out.


Once they input all of their info and upload their ID and rec photos, they click ‘submit’. The minute they click the submit button our software processes it instantly, checking all of the verification sites, and within seconds your patient is either approved or denied pending the state of the rec or if it’s expired etc. Once verified in seconds you patient can then automatically start ordering right off the site on your menu! It’s that easy! And then once your patient is accepted, they create a login so they don’t have to constantly get verified again and again, just a username and password. This guarantees patient loyalty because when you need your meds, who want’s to go through that hassle?


They would then always return to your page to order, click the “Patient Login” next to the register link, and start ordering. Don’t worry, you’ll be notified when their rec is expiring so you can let them know.

No more painful back and forths on the phone, we know you have alot on your mind already, so let us help you clear your head…and get Webjoint.

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