How to Track Your Marijuana Inventory Down to the Gram

Tracking Your Marijuana Inventory Becoming More Important

90% of the marijuana dispensaries/delivery services I contact, tell me that they are running their business using just a spreadsheet and a pen. The marijuana industry is constantly evolving and It’s getting harder for people to manage everything manually. More and more businesses are struggling with compliance because of all the new regulations that are getting put into place. It makes me sad whenever I see a business that gets shut down over a simple mistake, like properly being able to keep track of all their inventory and patients.  Not only do you have to keep track of your inventory but you have to keep track of every aspect of your business including taxes, licenses, employees, patients, websites, and any orders being placed.  

I can’t even begin to stress how important keeping track of your business is. The state doesn’t take lightly to unaccounted inventory and you want to be sure you have every aspect of your business managed properly. Right now you’re probably thinking, “Damn, this whole thing sounds a lot harder than I thought.” And you are right. Opening up and successfully maintaining a dispensary or delivery service manually in today’s day and age is almost impossible. Most people still think that the only way you can run a dispensary or delivery service is using only a pen and paper. But that’s not the case anymore.

Lets Give You An Example

We’re gonna use WebJoint as an example on how to properly track your inventory without having to worry about simple mistakes. And you’re going to be surprised how simple it is.

Step 1 – If you already have a WebJoint account, login and hit the “Menu” tab on the left side of your screen. If you don’t have a WebJoint account (I’m making a sad face right now) then go ahead and click on free signup and start the trial (go ahead, I’m waiting).

Screenshot of the WebJoint login page
Screenshot of the WebJoint login page, to start this process. You will need to login to your WebJoint account. You can also create one for free.

Step 2 – After you are in the Menu tab, click on the sub section called “categories”. Before you create any specific product, you have to create the categories that the product will fall under. So create whatever categories your heart desires and then click on the “inventory” tab.

Select the "Menu" tab on the lefthand sidebar. This will give you access to create categories for your inventory items.
Select the “Menu” tab on the lefthand sidebar. This will give you access to create categories for your inventory items.

Step 3 – Once you’ve made your categories and selected the inventory tab on the lefthand sidebar click on the sub-link “add inventory” (This is where you will add inventory items and amounts). Then you will see a bunch of empty fields to add information on the product you want. You can upload a picture of the product, add a name, write a description, put in the pricing information, and plug in the inventory balance. If you send your product into laboratories to get them tested, you can also plug in the medical information for that as well. You can also change the pricing points as well. All you have to do is change the “type” to either “per weight” or “per unit”. If you sell edibles, than you would set the “type” to “per unit”.

On lefthand sidebar click, Inventory -> Add Inventory. This will allow you too add menu items with inventory count to your WebJoint software.

Step 4 – So this is where we actually do the inventory tracking. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and you will see the “inventory balance”. The inventory balance is rounded down to grams so that your pricing points stay in sync. So whatever amount of marijuana you have available, just enter the amount in grams and plug that into the system.

At the bottom of the "Add Inventory" page you have the ability to enter your weight in grams.
At the bottom of the “Add Inventory” page you have the ability to enter your weight in grams. Once completed hit “Save Inventory”

Step 5 – Now we’re gonna see how WebJoint’s cannabis software automatically deducts the inventory for you. On the left side of your screen click on the cannabis “point of sale”. One the POS loads you will notice that at the top of your screen there are all of the categories that you created. Click on the category that the product your patient wants to purchase falls under. Then click on the individual product that is being sold and select the amount the patient wants to buy. Or you can integrate the cannabis point of sale with a scale and allow that to determine the price.

When you click "Point of Sale" on the lefthand sidebar it will load the POS portal. You can do transactions over the phone or in a retail dispensary.
When you click “Point of Sale” on the lefthand sidebar it will load the POS portal. You can do transactions over the phone or in a retail dispensary.

Step 6 – The only thing left to do is select the patient that’s purchasing the product and fill out all of the patients information and how much money they gave you. WebJoint will calculate the return change for you. Then just hit payment and the receipt page will come up where you can print your receipt. If you go back to your inventory you will notice that the inventory balance on that specific product has been deducted automatically. This will happen whenever anyone places an order online as well with the cannabis patient management.


So as you can see, It’s actually easier to manage your inventory with a cannabis software than doing everything manually. And with all the new regulations getting passed into law it’s gonna almost be impossible to keep track of everything manually. It’s also getting very risky to do everything yourself because the state is cracking down on the marijuana industry. You don’t want your bank accounts frozen and your business shut down because of a simple mistake that could be easily avoided. So now that I’ve given you the solution, It’s up to you if you want to take advantage of it.

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