Free Marijuana Cultivation Software For California Licensee’s Under Proposition 64

Proposition 64 is an initiative in California to legalize recreational marijuana. The idea to legalize recreational marijuana which was first suggested in 2010 but Californians did not vote for it. Proposition 64, is taking off from the point where the earlier initiative failed. The initiative now has a more elaborate way to ensure that the proposition is more palatable to the residents of California. Proposition 64 will be voted for or against in November.

With consideration of mistakes other states had made when they tried to legalize recreational marijuana, supporters have suggested new laws. They believe that the new laws will enable proper regulation of the growth and use of marijuana in California. The proposers of Proposition 64 suggest the need to track the use of marijuana from the cultivator to the point of sell and finally to the consumer. This way, they will be able to monitor the cultivators of marijuana in California to make sure that they adhere by all the provisions of Proposition 64. To meet this need, WebJoint has developed a type of marijuana software that enables the tracking of the plant from seed to sale.

Proposition 64, allows individuals who have attained the age of 21 years to grow marijuana. It maintains that persons under 18 years old are not allowed to handle or manage any marijuana. Adults are also not allowed to smoke or consume marijuana in the presence of children. The proposition further suggests that every adult above 21 years of age will be allowed to plant a maximum of six marijuana plants. An individual will not plant a plantation of marijuana or have hundreds of plant in the backyard. They must manage the growth and ensure it stays at six plants per person.

If the law is passed, adults above 21 years of age will be able to own a maximum of one ounce of marijuana. It will be no longer illegal to carry small amounts of marijuana in California. You will not be at the risk of arrest or prosecution if you possess marijuana in small amounts. However, you will not be able to smoke marijuana in public or in the presence of a minor. Edible products made from marijuana will not be made with packaging or marketed in a manner that is enticing to children.

Proposition 64 proposes that the tax revenue that will be collected from the sale of recreational marijuana will be used for education against the negative influence of drug abuse. A section of the money from the sale of marijuana will also be used to rehabilitate the homeless. Law enforcement and environmental initiatives will also benefit from the tax revenue that will be generated from the sale of marijuana in California.

The seed to sale software is a very important technology that will make the implementation of Proposition 64 possible. WebJoint is a free seed to sale software that makes it possible for marijuana cultivators to sell their product to the right clients. The system also enables only qualified clients according to Proposition 64 to get access to marijuana. Adults 21 years and above can get WebJoint’s retail/POS software for a monthly subscription. However, marijuana cultivators in California can get the software for free.

Marijuana Seed To Sale, Webjoint, BioTrackTHC, MJfreeway
WebJoint Seed To Sale – Cultivation Software… This screenshot is the “cultivation” side of WebJoint which will be free for marijuana grow operations.

The WebJoint free seed to sale software will enable a cultivator to know who the end users are of his product. That way they can comply with the law stated by Proposition 64. A web label website solution is available for this purpose. Marijuana cultivators in California will be able to come up with credible state compliant reports when they use WebJoint.

Marijuana cultivators in other states where recreational marijuana has been legalized benefit immensely from WebJoint. The cannabis point of sale software is now launching one specifically for cultivators operating in California. Currently, WebJoint has over 80 licensees. The WebJoint cannabis point of sale software will be free to all cultivators once it goes live. Although there are other companies already in the market offering almost similar services like BioTrack and Mjfreeway, their subscribers receive less superior solutions. On the other hand, WebJoint will provide highly efficient services at no charge to cultivators in California.

According to Proposition 64, commercial medical marijuana stores and any other providers must have a tracking system for their product. Once enacted, WebJoint will be state compliant with this law. Patients who use medical marijuana will benefit from dispensaries/deliveries who use the WebJoint platform. The software ensures that the marijuana is tested, that it is the right quality, that it is the right dosage and that the patients get it in time. Patients get automatic verification on WebJoint. Once their subscription to the medical marijuana expires, the software will automatically notify them. WebJoint saves a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been used to track the plant manually. It saves every person in the chain a lot of time any money.

At the center of Proposition 64 is the need to take the distribution away from the hands of drug cartels and other illegal dealers. WebJoint presents the opportunity of a working system that does not have loopholes. The state can keep tabs on all cultivators and users of marijuana using this system.

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