What Dispensaries Need To Know About California Legalization

When California voters sanctioned Prop 64, a majority of individuals in America’s most populated state consider that grownups should be able to consume marijuana whenever they want, but the proposition’s details are complicated. Here are the details that dispensaries need to know about California marijuana legalization.

Despite the legalization, non-medical dispensaries will not be able to sell marijuana for individual until January 1, 2018. When the sale of cannabis commences, California State will impose taxes on all marijuana products. Consuming marijuana for medical or personal reasons in the state is legal to certain amounts. Proposition 64 entails provisions for permitting dispensaries to advertise in newspaper, on television, online marketing, and others, only in places where no less than 71% of the medium’s viewers is presumed to be above 21 years old.

Prop 64 conventions that will affect California cannabis dispensaries

California voters approved the recreational marijuana legalization initiative (Proposition 64) after an extended battle. Prop 64 enables persons of age 21 and above to grow marijuana. However, the law has outlined that individuals below 18 years are banned from handling any marijuana. Moreover, grownups are not permitted to consume or smoke weed in presence of kids. Proposition 64 also allows every adult over 21 years to be permitted to grow a maximum of 6 marijuana plants. The legalization also requires marijuana-growing spaces to be kept locked and invisible to the public. It is now legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in California: 8 g of concentrated marijuana and 28.5g of pot. However, smoking cannabis in public places remains illegal.

Both the Legislative Analyst’s Office and state tax officials agree that under Prop 64, medicinal marijuana consumers with a valid recommendation from a doctor and state-sanctioned pot IDs will acquire a full deals tax concession. Consumable goods produced from cannabis will not be marketed or packaged in a way that entices children. Prop 64 also requires tax revenue to be collected from the sale of recreational marijuana, where it will be utilized for education against the negative impact of drug abuse and minimizing environmental damage due to unlawful pot producers. California Marijuana Tax Fund will receive both the cultivation and retail taxes from cannabis businesses.

Marijuana dispensaries will have to acquire a state license prior to legally selling marijuana for personal use. Moreover, local governments are allowed to instruct dispensaries to file for a local license. Businesses dealing with pot products cannot function within 600 feet of a daycare amenity, school or a youth center.

Proposition 64 integrates regulations to curb large-scale marijuana businesses from getting licenses for five years in order to avert illegal monopoly power. The Bureau of Marijuana Control will oversee the regulation of the trade of recreational marijuana. Moreover, the Bureau of Marijuana Control will be responsible for providing licenses to dispensaries.

Dispensaries that want to advertise their businesses will need to follow various Proposition 64 regulations. For instance, no billboard advertising or use of any other platforms that are situated on an interstate highway that stretches across the boundary of another state or state highway are aloud. Moreover, they cannot promote cannabis products in a way to encourage those below 21 years to use marijuana or marijuana-related products.

Prop 64 focuses on supporting dispensaries who are selling pot for frivolous use and restoration of lands destroyed by unethical cannabis growers. Therefore, dispensaries not compliant with water usage or environmental laws risk having their licenses revoked.

Taxation of cannabis sold by California dispensaries

The legislation expects dispensary owners to cope with two excise taxes on marijuana: a 15% tax imposed on marijuana products’ retail price, a 27.5 percent per ounce tax for cannabis leaves, and $9.25 per jot for cannabis flowers.

Why dispensaries need WebJoint software

AB 266 is the first legislation in California to regulate cannabis sale and medical cannabis production. Dispensary owners can no longer face prosecution, jail time or asset seizure for conducting business with patients. According to AB 266, delivery services are now openly permitted statewide. WebJoint is a seed-to-sale software enabling a smooth Prop 64 implementation process. The technology enables cannabis farmers to sell their products to lawfully qualified clients. This marijuana POS software also has a website builder that can help in search engine optimization for a cannabis-oriented website. The software also helps in simple inventory management, compliance, building a patient database and other functionalities. The system is also DIY, with 24/7 customer support to help you with any issues that might come up. Dispensaries will benefit from the credit card processing functionality, which allows patients to order products online making it easier to conduct business.

With the WebJoint platform, dispensaries will benefit from a system that requires cannabis compliant features that are crucial for success and legality in the marijuana industry. Upon signing up, clients will get a 14-free day trial and conduct business in line with Prop 64 and AB 266 requirements. Moreover, California is among the states that need seed-to-sale tracking after the legalization. Therefore, WebJoint system will help cannabis businesses comply with AB 266 record-keeping regulation.

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