Cannabis Compliance in California's New METRC System

California's decision to name Franwell Inc's METRC system as their cannabis track and trace vendor means that as of January 1, 2018 business will have a new set of rules and regulations to follow on both the local and state level in order to stay in compliance and avoid costly business violations that could threaten the shuttering of their cannabis operation.

In order to keep pace with the updates, cannabis operators have been scrambling to get up to speed in California. The arrival of METRC means their business must fully integrate into the new system immediately in order to be in line with the METRC system's rigid standards. 

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What is Franwell's METRC System?
The technology behind Franwell's METRC system helps inventory and track cannabis through RFID tags, the same type of tags that are embedded in credit cards. METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance. The software enables the state to follow cannabis production from growth through point of sale purchase. This is further exhibited by Franwell's use of a time stamping software that tracks the movement of cannabis by documenting its history and location. This is to ensure that cannabis does not get stolen, sold unregulated and does not cross state lines prior to its sale. The METRC platform integrates itself into the Accela Civic Platform and Pega Certification and Licensing systems also utilized by state and local authorities to ensure a seamless regulatory operation.

The Franwell METRC system is a proven component in fighting the illegal transportation, dispersion and sale of government regulated cannabis. The system is currently being used in other marijuana regulated states such as Colorado, Oregon, Alsaka and Nevada.

What Does This Mean for You?
Every emerging industry comes a sense of ongoing regulation and need for compliance. With the influx of regulations to the cannabis industry, compliance software companies are begining to emerge in order to take the guessing game out of government compliance. Los Angeles-based compliance software company, WebJoint, is the only METRC compliant cannabis software integrated with a website builder and eCommerce platform. WebJoint allows business owners to get back to doing what they love best, which is helping customers and supplying them with an opportunity to purchase legalized cannabis in a safe and controlled environment where quality and consistency is well monitored. 

WebJoint operates a software system that allows dispensaries and delivery services to white label their own .com website while the powerful WebJoint tools effortlessly operate in the background to provide all the compliance and regulatory standards needed to operate violation-free. WebJoint clients can manage their inventory, sales, patients/users, loyalty program, rewards/referral programs all with their proprietary software. WebJoint does all the hard work for operators with a software system that is ready for the here and now.

Regulations to the cannabis industry are ever changing, and without the proper knowledge and compliance software, a cannabis business could be at risk. Compliance software works to keep cannabis proprietors in operation by taking the guess work out of California's new updated regulations. WebJoint and other compliance software systems are now mandatory for any new cannabis operator to run their business.

For more information and to determine the compliance status of your California cannabis operation visit WebJoint to learn more.

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