Cannabis Cash Solutions – Company Bio

Turnkey dispensary security solution for protecting your cash

If you operate a marijuana dispensary or delivery, then protecting your cash is a major concern.

At Cannabis Cash Solutions, our specialty is automating cash handling for marijuana related businesses to lower the risk inherit in running a cash intensive business.

Benefits include...
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Deters robberies
  • Automatically detects counterfeit bills
  • Saves on cash pickup costs
  • Frees up your budtenders to focus on your customers
  • Provides cash traceability to your financial institution
  • Improves efficiencies of store closing procedures
  • Eliminates cash handling by your staff

With the Automated Cashier (see video below), we make it easy to eliminate all cash handling by your staff so they can focus on serving your customers, instead of making change.

We also offer a delivery drop feature so your drivers can periodically deposit their excess cash throughout the day to ensure that it's safely accounted for.

Go cashless. Once your cash is inserted into the Automated Cashier it automatically makes correct change and is no longer accessible by your staff. Secure, fast, simple!

Contact us today to learn more about our dispensary security services specifically tailored towards the unique needs of your marijuana business.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @CashCannabis


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