Attention Web Designers: A New Way To Make Money In Cannabis

Attention Freelance Web Designers & Marketing Companies: Looking For Money In Legal Marijuana?

The budding marijuana industry is an industry that many professionals are trying to make a career switch to. Some are also trying to find ways to expand their market and make money by providing their unique services to the cannabis industry. Freelance web designers have a huge potential for new clients in the cannabis industry. However this is a space that is getting eaten up by a lot of other players and entrepreneurs. One thing to remember is that there is much more than just the dispensaries and delivery services. The cannabis industry expands much further than the retail of the product. There are many cultivators and manufacturers who also need website solutions for wholesale purposes. Aside from the cultivators and cannabis manufacturers you may also have prospective clients who don’t touch the plant at all. These clients range from testing labs to rolling paper companies, but they are popping up everywhere.

BUT WAIT… Getting web design clients in the cannabis industry isn’t that easy. WebJoint is a new platform for freelance designers and marketing firms to earn money by creating themes and proving a backend solution to dispensaries, delivery services, cultivators, and manufacturers.  Webjoint is an all in one cannabis software that allows marijuana business owners to manage their inventory, plants, harvests, patients, loyalty programs, white-labeled website and much more. One might call it “WordPress for Dispensaries” – let’s cut to the chase.

Web Designers Don’t Need To Find The Work:

If you’re familiar with WordPress then you know that it powers a majority of blogs and websites on the internet today. Because of this you have online marketplaces such as envato where you can create and sell your own WordPress themes and plugins. In this case, WebJoint is beginning to power a majority of websites in the cannabis industry. Thus creating a marketplace for freelance developers to create WebJoint themes for it’s clients for a premium.

This is great for freelancers and marketing firms who are not established in the cannabis industry but are looking to find ways to enter it. WebJoint has established technology and documentation that allows designers to use their own HTML, CSS and JS to design awesome new cannabis website themes that integrate with WebJoint software to enable patient registration, automatic doctor verification, online ordering, inventory management and much more.

If you are interested in creating themes for WebJoint, simply contact a representative here. As the software and community grows there will be more opportunity to sell themes to prospective dispensaries, delivery services, cultivators and manufacturers using the WebJoint platform. Getting in early also means that you have more opportunity before more freelancers begin submitting themes to the WebJoint software. Getting started is easy just send an email to regarding your interest in developing themes for the marijuana industry and someone will be in touch regarding your account and setup.

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